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Who We are

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC), 2009 was established on 1 January 2010, following the ‎enactment of the Seychelles Revenue Commission Act 2009 (SRC Act).‎ SRC is responsible for the administration of revenue laws in the Seychelles, under the Act, and is ‎mandated to operate as an independent authority with the responsibility of conducting its affairs in a ‎transparent and efficient manner, under the purview of the Ministry of Finance, National Planning and ‎Trade, the body overseeing major fiscal policy issues affecting revenue collection. SRC is also ‎functioning under the aegis of a Governing Board as per the SRC Act.‎


Our Mission‎

Building trust through well governed, customer oriented and transparent processes to facilitate trade and optimize revenue collection for the sustainable well-being of Seychelles.‎


Our Vision‎

To be a modern, robust and innovative revenue administration for ease of doing business whilst meeting the highest international standards.


Our Values

Professionalism, Resilience, Ownership, Fairness, Integrity, Transparency and Trust.‎


Our Motto

Contributing to transform Seychelles.‎

Governing Board

The first Governing Board of the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) was appointed in March 2018, following amendments to the SRC Act in the same year, making provision for the Commission to be administered by a Board, in accordance with the new governance policies that was being applied across the public sector at the time. The Governing Board of SRC comprises of eight members including the Commissioner General as an ex-officio member. 
The Board’s term in office is three years of which upon completion, a member may be eligible for re-appointment. The members of the SRC Governing Board currently are:

  • Chrystold Chetty – Chairperson
  • Cillia Mangroo – Board Member
  • Charles Morin – Board Member
  • Patrick Payet – Board Member
  • Ginny Elizabeth – Board Member
  • Zenabe Daman – Board Member
  • Serge Durup – Board Member

Organizational Structure ‎

The organizational structure of the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) comprises of three main ‎divisions namely Domestic Tax, Customs and Support Services. ‎ SRC has at its helm a Commissioner General and a Deputy Commissioner General as provided for ‎under the Seychelles Revenue Commission Act (SRC Act).‎ The Customs and Tax Division respectively are headed by a Commissioner and Support Services by a ‎Director General. Each Section under the respective Division is headed by a Director and the Units ‎have Managers with their second in command (Supervisors) assisting the Directors. ‎

Division and Units

Commissioner General’s Office

The office of the Commissioner General has the overall mandate of administering revenue laws in the ‎Seychelles, in addition to providing advice to the government on revenue policy matters. The office ‎has oversight on the standard and quality of service being provided to taxpayers as well as the general ‎management of the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC).

Four units reports directly to the Commissioner General’s Office as follows:‎

Handles all matters relating to tax and customs revenue laws, offences, prosecution of cases for ‎collection of outstanding debt, including the provision of advice to taxpayers through rulings and ‎guidance in addition to providing legal advice to employees across the organization relating to ‎interpretation of the legislation. ‎

Liaises with stakeholders locally and internationally on queries relating to international business, ‎ensuring international standards and obligations are met in line with the Organization for Economic ‎Cooperation and Development (OECD) and international norms. The unit also facilitates the exchange ‎of information with other competent authorities in accordance with the relevant international legal ‎instruments, ensuring correct allocation of taxing rights between tax treaty partners.‎

Enables the Commission to accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach ‎when evaluating the effectiveness of governance, risk management, and control processes, to ‎enhance and protect the organizational value’s by providing objective assurance, advice, and insight on ‎the administrative functions of the Commission.

Responsible for the management of the yearly budget and expenditure of the Seychelles Revenue ‎Commission.‎

Deputy Commissioner General’s Office

The Deputy Commissioner General holds the second highest rank within the Seychelles Revenue ‎Commission (SRC). Four units reports directly to the Deputy Commissioner General’s Office as follows:

Responsible for leading the drafting of SRC’s strategic plan and ‎monitoring the organization’s overall performance against its key strategic objectives and action plan. The unit is also responsible for compiling information to produce the quarterly progress reports, and ‎the SRC’s annual report which is enshrined under the Seychelles Revenue Commission Act.‎‎

Works closely with the Ministry of Finance, National Planning and Trade to review and update tax and ‎customs related legislations to address any anomalies. Develops and continuously review policies and ‎standard operating procedures within the organisation to maximise voluntary compliance across both ‎tax and customs to ensure alignment of SRC’s policies with international standards. The unit is also ‎responsible for all reforms including review of internal processes by working closely with national and ‎international partners.‎‎

Manages the relationship of all operational areas across SRC by designing, monitoring and ‎implementing IT programs to increase efficiencies, in addition to providing day- to-day technical ‎support.‎‎‎

Responsible for developing and implementing educative and awareness programs to taxpayers, ‎providing more insight on taxpayers’ rights and obligations. The unit also handles all general tax and ‎customs related queries on top of managing all the public relations, communications and marketing ‎functions of the organization.‎‎‎‎‎


Join, Stay and Grow with SRC

If you enjoy working in a dynamic and modern environment, then a career at the Seychelles Revenue ‎Commission (SRC) is definitely for you.‎

Promoting diversity and inclusivity, regardless of background or ethnicity, at SRC we encourage ‎individuality and believe in having the best people in-house to deliver a more professional customer ‎oriented service.‎

As an employee of SRC, your contribution will be valued for the development of the organization in ‎delivering on its mandate. If you are committed, resilient and looking for a life-long career opportunity, ‎we welcome you to the SRC family!‎

Application Process

All applicants must include an updated curriculum vitae (CV) with names of referees, copies of ‎educational certificates, copy of national identification card (NIN), passport photo and the completed ‎Employment Application Form available here.

To apply for a vacancy email hr@src.gov.sc or deliver your application at the following address:‎
Director Human Resources
Seychelles Revenue Commission
‎3rd Floor, Unity House, Victoria, Mahé‎

SRC reserves the right to contact the best candidate meeting all requirements and criteria for an ‎interview, once applications have been shortlisted.‎

Your Pathway to Grow with SRC

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) encourages professional development and nurturing of ‎talents by providing the chance for one to grow within the organization through knowledge ‎distribution, training and learning opportunities to drive business performance.‎ As part of its capacity building and development programs, SRC maintains a close partnership with ‎international bodies such as the African Tax Administration Forum (ATAF), International Monetary ‎Fund (IMF), Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Common Market for ‎Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), World Customs Organization (WCO), United Nations Office on ‎Drugs and Crime (UNODC), and the Southern African Development Community (SADC). ‎ The organization also have collaborations with educational institutions nationally such as the University ‎of Seychelles (UNISEY), The Guy Morel Institute (TGMI) and School of Business Studies and Accounting ‎‎(SBSA). ‎ ‎

Our People

Meet some key members of our exceptionally talented team.‎