May 25, 2023


Internal Auditors from the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) met with a group of students from the School of Advanced Level Studies (SALS) on Tuesday, 23 May 2023, imparting knowledge about the roles, functions and importance Internal Auditors brings to an organization.The morning session held at the school’s campus in Anse Royale, forms part of a series of activities....

Local businesses now being provided 28 days to register and provide information upon request to SRC

May 10, 2023

Local businesses now being provided 28 days...

As stipulated in the Revenue Administration Act, 2009 (S.I 138 of 2022), since 1 April 2023, the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) has started to impose penalties on businesses operating in Seychelles failing to register with the organization in the approved form and manner.To provide unregistered businesses ample time to come forward to register their business activity....

SRC Represented in Global Money Week

March 23, 2023

SRC Represented in Global Money Week...

‘Global Money Week’ is an annual global initiative that aims to make young people more financially literate by teaching them about money at a young age, leading them to eventually achieve financial resilience and well-being by gradually developing the knowledge, abilities, attitudes, and actions required to make wise financial decisions. This year the organization welcomed....

 SRC holds lodgment outreach at Anse Royale

March 20, 2023

 SRC holds lodgment outreach at Anse Royale...

Ahead of the upcoming tax deadline of 31 March for lodgment of Business and Presumptive Tax Returns for the year 2022 and for prior years, and as an effort to promote voluntary compliance, a team from SRC was stationed at the Anse Royale District Administration office on Tuesday 20 and on Wednesday 21, March, from 9.00am to 2.00pm, ready to assist taxpayers to fulfil their....

Trade Division and SRC meets boat owners on Praslin

March 18, 2023

Trade Division and SRC meets boat...

On March 18, 2023, two representatives from SRC joined in on a discussion held with Cargo Vessel owners based on Praslin. The aim of the meeting was to educate and discuss on the Fuel Exemption and Concession introduced on the October 1, 2022 for Inner Islands licensed Cargo Operators. As per S.I 108 of 2022, the concession made available to this specific group of boat....

Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax

The Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax was introduced in December 2017. Income Tax is defined ‎as the tax levied on personal emoluments of an individual payable by employees or their employer. ‎Non-Monetary Benefits Tax is the tax payable by the employer on any benefit provided to an ‎employed person (an employee) for example accommodation, meals, transport, insurance and others ‎as listed in the Fourth Schedule of the Income and Non-Monetary Benefits Tax Act 2010.


Income and Non-Monetary Benefits

The Income and Non- Monetary Tax Act came into operation in July 2010 to provide for taxation of ‎income and non-monetary benefits and for connected matters.‎

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Income Tax

In June 2018, a number of changes were effected to the rates and calculation of income tax. A ‎progressive regime was introduced with an increase in the tax free threshold.‎

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Non-Monetary Benefits Tax

As from 1 January 2023, an employer shall be liable to pay tax at the rate of 15% reduced from 20% on ‎the value of a non-monetary benefit.‎‎

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Locations and Services

We offer a wide range of services at our offices located across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. For general ‎tax and customs related queries or to better understand your rights and obligations towards the ‎Seychelles Revenue Commission, visit our Advisory Center located on second floor of Maison Colet in ‎Victoria, contact us via email at or call us on 4293737 to be assisted by our ‎Provision of Advice Officers. The Advisory Centre is open on weekdays between 8am to 4pm including ‎lunchtime.‎


Tax Division

Maison Collet, houses the Headquarters and Tax Division of the Seychelles Revenue ‎Commission. To ‎enhance customer experience, the Commission also ‎has two offices on Praslin, one office on La Digue ‎and two service counters on Mahe (‎Providence and Anse Royale).‎

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Customs Division

The offices of the Seychelles Revenue Commission Customs Division are located at the Seychelles Post ‎Office in Victoria, at Seaport Operations in Latanier Road, at Sunshine House in Providence and at the ‎Airport Cargo Terminal in Pointe Larue.‎

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Other Services ‎

The Seychelles Revenue Commission also offers a range of certificates to ‎businesses and individuals, ‎both residents and non-residents of Seychelles upon request in addition to delivering dedicated ‎sessions to entities to further ‎enhance tax and customs knowledge.‎‎‎‎

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How to register your business with SRC

New businesses must register with the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) within 28 days of ‎trading.
For new businesses with employees, the business must also register all of its employees within 7 days ‎of employment.‎

‎Documents required for registration

The following documents are required to successfully complete the registration process:‎

  • National identification card or passport.‎
  • Copy of business license as applicable issued by respective authorities (e.g. Seychelles ‎Licensing Authority, Financial Services Authority Seychelles …etc.)‎
  • Copy of partnership or company registration certificate as issued by the Registrar of ‎Companies.‎
  • Details of Tax Agent (if applicable).‎

Business registration process

The Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) will carefully review all applications along with supporting ‎documents and will allocate a taxpayer identification number (TIN) to a business within 24 hours ‎should the business complete the registration process successfully.

To register your business please click here.‎