Trade Division and SRC meets boat owners on Praslin

On March 18, 2023, two representatives from SRC joined in on a discussion held with Cargo Vessel owners based on Praslin. The aim of the meeting was to educate and discuss on the Fuel Exemption and Concession introduced on the October 1, 2022 for Inner Islands licensed Cargo Operators. As per S.I 108 of 2022, the concession made available to this specific group of boat owners is at a rate of 25 % of the applicable rate of excise rate, which amounts to SCR 8.50 per litre of fuel purchased for their daily work activities.

On the day, key representatives from the Trade Department and from SRC, used the setting to provide the boat owners with more clarity on the regulation, and answered any queries that the operators had about the concession. Additionally, the two entities also explained on the correct procedure for requesting monthly refund in line with the fuel concession and how refund would be administered. Also in attendance for the meeting was Honourable Churchill Gill,