After having successfully received the validation of the Seychelles Qualification Authority, the Seychelles Business Studies Academy (SBSA) will soon be introducing a new local taxation course as part of two newly re-accredited diploma programs; Diploma in Accounting and Finance and Diploma in Business Management and Administration.

The course, developed in partnership with the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC), follows the commitment made under a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between the two entities in August 2022, of which part thereof was to ensure that Seychelles domestic tax laws obtained prominence in the programs being offered to the students of the institution.

The local taxation syllabus which will cover 38 hours of teaching and non-contactable mode of study, will be delivered to year three students of the institution.

The syllabus will focus on the introduction to Seychelles taxation and its principles, the mandate and structure of the SRC plus the acts administered by the Commission, application of tax on income, importance of compliance, audit techniques and procedures, legalities of taxes through prosecution, objection and appeal, value added tax, international taxation, issues and trends in taxation, as well as taxes applied by customs including excise tax.

In preparation for the development of the course, last year during the month of May and June, SBSA lecturers attended various sessions related to the Seychelles tax system and its regime hosted by SRC facilitators, gaining in-depth understanding of the topic and access to the SRC’s educational materials.

The sessions held on the SBSA grounds covered various topics related to domestic taxation, its regime and application amongst others, of which the basics gathered from the learning was simplified to facilitate the teaching of the course for better understanding by the students.

Following this remarkable achievement, the Director for Taxpayer’s Education and Service Delivery, Ms. Sheryl Barra said: “It is part of SRC’s strategy to embed increased awareness about taxes and its obligations at grass-root level specifically from a young age, to enable the population to start understanding taxes in its simplified form so that it does not really come as a shock when one starts engaging in the world of work or venture into a business.

“Having signed an MoU with the SBSA 2 years ago, apart from facilitating capacity building, the intent was definitely to also integrate local taxation as part of the SBSA’s curriculum. From thereon plenty of work have taken place between SBSA and the SRC of which I extend my congratulations to both the SRC colleagues and that of the SBSA for their ongoing efforts in sharing knowledge, for volunteering in delivering the sessions and for opening our doors to the SBSA to facilitate this project.

“We are very pleased on this successful achievement as it shows that we have conceptualize and achieved a major target of the MoU and for that we will continue to support the SBSA and maintain the positive collaboration established.”

SBSA’s Head of Programme for Accounting and Finance, Mr. Seydou Sylla commented: “First of all I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the SRC for the valuable training provided.

“With the knowledge gained throughout the session, the SBSA today have managed to actually develop a course outline in local taxation which has been accredited by the Seychelles Qualifications Authority (SQA).

“My gratitude also goes to the entire training team at SRC and also at SBSA for their efforts in organizing and executing such a well-structured program. The resources provided, including the power-points, have undoubtedly served as valuable references in enabling us to successfully develop and introduce this course as part of our syllabus.”