The Seychelles Revenue Commission has during the September school holidays welcomed students from key secondary schools on Mahe at its tax division, as part of its ongoing engagement with the Ministry of Education.

The students hailing from Plaisance, English River, Perseverance and Anse Royale secondary schools all in S4 and S5 classes, had the chance to participate in a special internship program titled “A day in the life of a working officer”.

This great initiative, started with Alihandro Michel from Plaisance secondary school and Varun Senthil Kumar from Perseverance School who assumed the role of Tax Officers from 21 to 25 August, 2023. To learn more about the job in detailed, Alihandro had the opportunity to shadow key officers within the field of enforcement, examination and analysis unit including the taxpayers’ education and service delivery unit.

Alihandro was also excited to join the taxpayers’ education and service delivery team during an off-site assignment held within the Anse Aux Pins district as part of the Commissions value added tax campaign, where he had the chance to interact directly with taxpayer’s on the front line alongside Geira Alcindor, another student from English River secondary school.

Varun who was placed within the audit department managed to gain a broader understanding of SRC’s auditing processes, policies and verification methods whilst Bettiecha Leopold from Anse Royale secondary school who joined SRC the following week worked within the returns and processing unit monitoring the processing of tax payments, self-assessments forms, in addition to having a quick overview of the upcoming tax management system during her tenure which proceeded until 1 September, 2023.

Ms. Christelle Betsy, Director General Support Services, who assisted with the placement of the students at the SRC said:  SRC as an employer of choice has the best jobs for career progression and incentives and you will be lucky to work in an organization where you feel really passionate in whatever field you choose to work in.

“This year SRC has been successful to reach out to the students for an exposure and ultimately  share their experience to shock their colleagues.  Take care not to listen to anyone who tells you what you can and can’t be in life”.