Internal Auditors from the Seychelles Revenue Commission (SRC) met with a group of students from the School of Advanced Level Studies (SALS) on Tuesday, 23 May 2023, imparting knowledge about the roles, functions and importance Internal Auditors brings to an organization.

The morning session held at the school’s campus in Anse Royale, forms part of a series of activities being conducted by SRC’s internal audit team to commemorate Internal Audit Awareness Month celebrated globally during the month of May.

Attended by over 40 students, various interesting topics such as the importance of internal auditing, its role of assuring an organizations risk management, governance, internal control processes are operating effectively, and the skills and competencies needed to perform the role effectively were the insightful topics covered throughout the session. The students also had the chance to gather pertinent information relating to work ethics, an integral requirement one must have when working or aspiring to join the field of internal auditing.

The interactive session which also allowed the students an overview about the personal experience of the internal auditors who readily shared their journey from the date of joining this line of work with SRC, also provided the platform for questions and answers.

At the end of the nearly two hour session, the students were encouraged to consider this challenging yet very exciting line of work after completing their studies, given the limited human resources capacity of internal auditing locally.

To note aside from delivering the awareness sessions with SALS, to mark international audit awareness month, internally within SRC several informative sessions have also been conducted with staff members across the organization to bring forth more clarity and understanding about the vital role the internal auditors play and their contribution to the organization.

SRC wishes to thank the Deputy Principal of SALS and its students for the successful organization of the event. Rounding up the month of May, SRC will also be reaching out to other institutions to bring more familiarity to the role of internal auditing.